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Adam Lamberg

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2004-08-14, 04:23

Привет!!! мне нужно узнать как зовут по настоящему Паоло Адам Лэмберг или Роберт кэррделайн?прошу вас ответьти

Ira K.

Ira K.
2003-08-28, 11:47

Greetings! Your most true fan writes. My name is Ira. I am from Russia, from Moscow. I love you very much!!! You very good actor. I liked your role GORDO in film LIZZI MakGuayr. And besides your hero has helped LIZZI to achieve success!! Is it your first film? I have read in internet, that you will have Birthday September, 24. Is that the truth? If yes, I necessarily shall make to you a gift. I hope, that in the near future you will be taken off in any good film. I shall look forward! I certainly understand, that you have no a lot of free time, but if you could answer me, I would be very happy! I send you one hundred air kisses!!!!!!! Write!!! Whole!!! Ira!!!

1. Кино Лиззи МакГайр (2003)
Lizzie McGuire Movie, The
2. Лиззи Магуайр (2001) ..... Гордо
Lizzie McGuire